Adventures In Yarnia

stumbling through life, one skein of yarn at a time. i knit a lot. i also dye yarn & sell stuff.

Fresh off the blockers, this is a hat I whipped up to match my earlier angora cowl. The angora itself had no real elasticity and the angora/mink wasn’t much better, so I made the brim with a leftover bit of madelinetosh merino dk in curiosity. It’s also the secondary color in the colorwork above, the Swoon Fibers Emma (handspun mink & angora) being the primary. This was also my very first attempt at colorwork more advanced than basic checks and stripes. It was definitely nerve-wracking to say the least. 

Unfortunately I underestimated the girth of my head, and the hat is a little too snug on me. I might wear it a bit to see if it stretches out a little, or it might just end up in the shop. Either way, I’m thinking it’s a pattern worth writing up! Any takers? =)

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